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VultureVest.com provides investment ideas, research, and commentary on individual companies.  The primary investment thesis at VultureVest.com is that of value and special situations.  We are patient and look for inefficiencies and wait for the market to correct.  In other cases we look for special situations in companies that we believe will produce an investment gain with limited downside risk.  In many cases, we rely on the management of these special situation companies to take an action.  This action may take some time and may never happen.  Therefore, we take a long-term approach and look for limited downside risk if in fact no action is taken by the company.

We write articles and supplies reports and news on the companies we follow.  We follow many companies and for many reasons.  We do not make recommendations nor do we always consider an investment in those companies we follow.  Most of the companies we follow we do so to merely study the company and keep us and our readers up to date on the companies activities.  On occasion, a company we follow will provide us with what we consider an opportunity.  This opportunity could present itself in the form of value or a special situation.

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NOTE: We do not have any relationships with the companies we follow, nor do we receive compensation from the companies or any investor relations company associated with followed companies.  We may have investments in the companies we follow and this will be noted in all articles and reports.  We typically do not have an intention to trade any investment within 3 days of publishing an article or report, but if a trade is being contemplated, it will be noted in article or report.  We believe this is very important as we follow several small capitalization and thinly traded companies.  The stocks of these companies are more easily manipulated. It is never our intent through an article or report to have a material impact on the price of a security.  This is why we believe limit orders must be used when attempting trade a security.  You should always consult your financial professional prior to acting on any information contained on this website.

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